Create Your Custom Brand of CBD Products

We will create your entire line of CBD for you to resell to your customer base or new customers.

Logo Creation

Custom Designed logo – $400.00 If you do not purchase the logo from us, we will grant you usage rights to purchase our products only. We suggest you purchase the logo design with full usage rights.

Lable Creation

Custom Designed label – $200.00 per label per product. After we create your labels, you will be ready for resale and marketing.


We will then create and sell you the products at a discounted rate to resell to your customers. You must supply your tax reseller certificate to become a reseller. The minimum order after purchase of logo and labels is 12 products per SKU.  If you do not purchase the labels and logo, the minimum order is 24 per SKU.

Mockup/photography of product for the website – $50 per product

Set up Fee – $50.00 per SKU for each product put into our website for resale.

Set up Fee – Bar Code and SKU – $10.00 fee for each barcode and each SKU per product.

Drop Ship FEE – We charge 10% of the entire order to drop-ship directly to your customers.

You can start your business with a small line and grow your line as you make more profits.

We offer Gummies, Tinctures, Delta-8, Pain Rubs, Sun Block, Bathbombs, Pet CBD, and Elderberry Vitamins, with new vitamins being formulated to be released in August.

CBD Products Specialty Products, T-shirts, mugs, sweatshirts


By purchasing our products for resale, you agree to the terms and conditions of our contract.

If you pay by credit card, there is a 3% fee. Large orders will require a bank transfer. No orders will be shipped until the transfer is complete.


No orders will be shipped until they are paid in full.

If a package or product is damaged or lost during shipping, we are not responsible for replacement. The reseller will contact the shipper and put a claim in to be reimbursed. Insurance is available to be added to each package and charged to the seller at the time of purchase if insurance is requested.

If a reseller places a drop-ship order and supplies the wrong customer address, the reseller is responsible for additional shipping cost and a second 10% drop-ship fee to resend the order.

NON-DROPSHIP ORDERS: There is no liability on the reseller’s part if we ship orders directly to the reseller. If there is a lost or damaged package, we will replace the products. Signatures and proof of delivery are required on each order. If the order does not arrive in satisfactory condition, we will require evidence (photos of damages) to put in an insurance claim with the shipper. If only part of the order is damaged, we will replace the damaged products.